Live Longer: Embracing a California Healthy Lifestyle Anywhere.

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Live Longer: Embracing a California Healthy Lifestyle Anywhere.


Californian's Live Longer. Federal data suggests that during the 21st Century, California life expectancy rose to the very top of the 50 states.  Only Hawaiian Kupuna's live longer; the average life expectancy in the Island Nation is 80.7 years.  Californians Live to an average of 79 in Los Angeles and the Bay Area, while Northern California, Marin County, residents enjoy the states longest life expectancy of 83 years.  

You don't have to spend your whole life in California to gain this benefit.  Joe Mathews of the San Francisco Chronicle writes that the fact that the State is wealthier and more educated helps but overall the healthy behaviors are what seem to help with most.  California ranks near the bottom in the country for smoking, and our obesity rate is the 4th lowest.  California also has strong policies on environmental protecting for air and water.  Prioritizing healthcare for all residents with CaliforniaCare which now includes immigrants, should ensure that the future of health and longevity will continue.  

Please read the full article by Joe Mathews in the San Francisco Chronicle which also outlines the needs in California which include helping the unhoused while addressing mental health and drug use.  I wonder if living LIKE a Californian might help us all take more trips around the Sun.  Here are some ideas.  

1.  Outdoor Activities: Embrace outdoor activities such as hiking, biking or jogging in local parks or nature reserves.  Many places offer beautiful outdoor spaces that can mimic the California experience.  If you live in colder areas, try Winter Hiking; bundle up in warm layers and explore the winter trails.  Many hiking paths transform into serene winter wonderlands, offering a unique experience with snow-covered landscapes.  Snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and ice-skating are other activities to help you stay active in the winter months.  

2.  Healthy Eating:  Incorporate California-style healthy eating habits by including more fresh fruits, vegetables and lean protein into your diet.  Explore local farmers' markets for fresh produce.  

3.  Sunshine Exposure:  Spend time outdoors and ensure exposure to natural sunlight.  Vitamin D is essential for well-being, and especially in areas with colder climates, getting some sunshine can have positive effects.  Try winter bird watching.  Bring out your binoculars.  Many bird species stay active during colder months.  Combine this with a photography excursion to capture the snow-covered landscapes and frosty details in your stunning pictures.  

4.  Community Fitness:  Participate in community fitness classes or join local sports clubs. Many areas have fitness groups or classes that promote an active lifestyle.  Indoor rock climbing is a full body workout that provides an opportunity to learn a new skill.  

5.  Cultural Diversity:  Embrace cultural diversity by exploring local cultural events, festivals or trying out diverse cuisines available in your community.  Many communities organize winter festivals and events to celebrate the change of seasons and include ice sculpting, bonfires and seasonal treats.  

6.  Mindfulness Practices:  Adopt mindfulness practices like yoga or meditation, which are often associates with the California lifestyle.  Many resources online can guide you through these practices.  Colder climates offer indoor activities like cider yoga; check out Beer Yoga if you live near Rochester, NY, The Other Half Brewery.

7.  Work-Life Balance:  Prioritize work-life balance by setting boundaries and making time for relaxation.  California emphasizes a holistic approach to life, valuing both professional success and personal well-being. 

8.  Tech and Innovation:  Stay updated on tech and innovation trends.  You can benefit from California's tech culture by incorporating innovative tools and practices into your daily life, even from a distance.  

Remember to prioritize safety, dress appropriately for the weather, and check local guidelines for outdoor activities during the winter months. 

The California lifestyle is more about a mindset and certain habits than a specific location.  Tailor these suggestions to fit your local community and interests and...Start Now.   


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