The Benefits of Using Foot Karma Orthotics:

About Our Products

Foot Karma is one of the leading brands in Podiatric Medicine. We have you covered with our exclusive products:

  • Slim ¾ length Leather Orthotic,
  • Half Moon Leather High Heel Insole,
  • Cloud 9 comfort cushions and
  • Sole Mate Duo Pack.

Our feet are the foundation of our bodies. If the foundation is out of alignment it will affect whatever is above it. Most of our bodies are asymmetrical and off balance due to our genetics, tight or weak muscles and this all affects our biomechanics. Pronation is a natural part of the foot biomechanics, but as in anything moderation, moderation, moderation. Too much motion or pronation in the foot may lead to poor alignment, internal motion and lack of strength.

The benefits of our orthotics include:

  • Treatment for plantar fasciitis, heel and arch pain
  • Slim enough to be used in dress shoes
  • Leather absorbs moisture and reduces friction
  • Cloud 9 Cushion adds and extra layer of comfort
  • Half Moon High Heel orthotics stick to open back high heel shoes
  • Available in both European and USA sizing
  • Vegetable tanned leather, black and cognac

Podiatric Foot and Ankle specialists are uniquely trained in the structure and function of the foot and lower extremity. They see patients who have structural deformities which include accessory (extra) bones, mal-aligned hips, knees and ankles causing abnormal motion and foot-strike, and their resulting deformities; bunions, hammertoes, heel spurs, ingrown toenails, corns, and calluses to name some of the most common. In addition, there are resulting symptoms of pain caused by these deformities as well as bursitis, capsulitis and skin breakdown or “ulcers”.

For these problems as well as the underlying medical problems they are well educated and trained. Podiatrists treat patients conservatively, surgically and utilize many corrective devices and modalities to alleviate pain and improve quality of life. It is this quality of life that brings us to discuss the use of orthotic devices.

Many patients are unaware that years of standing, walking and running will often bring to the forefront a problem that you have had your entire life. We see these problems crop up as pain, difficulty walking, limping and the slow and steady growth of bony bumps on the joints; bunions, hammertoes, contracted toes, etc. As we get older the fat-pads everywhere on our bodies re-distribute and diminish. This is true of the bottom of the foot as well. We lose the padding under the bones of our forefoot (balls of feet) as we age. We also become more interested in being comfortable as we age. The combination of these two processes will make many of our shoes uncomfortable as we notice the discomfort increasing.

While there are people who do need custom orthotic devices, many people simply need arch support and a gentle lift of the ball of the foot off the floor with an orthotic like ours at Foot Karma. Elite runners and athletes and those with actual structural deformities and uncontrolled excessive motion will benefit from custom orthotics. However, most people simply need what we all need, a little support.

Our orthotics are used for controlling simple to intermediate excessive vertical motion as well as pronation. The leather material and padding are a sort of shock absorber for the areas of the forefoot and rearfoot or heel area.

Why leather is best for orthotics

Our Leather orthotics are excellent both because of the leather material that readily reshapes and remodels with the warmth of your body temperature and because of the molded plastic arch. The arch extends to the ball of the foot, under the metatarsal heads, so pronation is controlled for much longer as the foot goes through the normal gait cycle. Our orthotics prevent abnormal motion in the mid-stance phase of gait all the way through the heel-off. The support is there through the entire step with Foot Karma pre made orthotics.

Tanned Leather by it’s nature reduces aging, does not have an odor when wet or crack when it dries. Leather can absorb up to 30% of it’s weight in water without feeling the wetness against your feet. Having an optimum combination of firmness, softness and elasticity while retaining it’s shape, leather is the perfect material for the dark, moist environment of the shoe. Leather when tanned properly is water repellant, fast and soft drying and durable. We have chosen leather for our devices for these reasons.