Correct Sizing

What Type of Arch Do You Have?                

Here's how you know.  When you are walking barefoot, does your wet footprint look like one of these? Many people have a combination and we have products and solutions for all arch types. 
If you have a Moderate or Neutral Arch you will see a shape of ) or a parentheses on the middle part of the foot, this is normal and you would do best with our Slim 3/4 Length Orthotics.  

If you have a High Arch or Pes Cavus, the dry part of your footprint will be severe or look like a backward "C". You may already know you have high arches because shoes will often feel very tight on the top of your foot.  Also, typical orthotics do not seem to help because you likely will not be feel the support, it is too low.  You need our High Arch Slim 3/4 Orthotic.

People with Flat Feet often can not tolerate any type of orthotic or insert.  We have two solutions for you.  Use our Slim 3/4 Orthotic with the Cloud 9 Comfort Cushion on top in our Sole Mate Combo Pack.  Even this might be too much is your foot is so flat that you have ankle pain on the inside of your ankle, a collapsing ankle or a wet footprint that even shows more of your foot bulging out on the big-toe side.  You may do best with supportive shoes like Brooks or Asics with our Cloud 9 Comfort Cushions inside for comfort and to decrease pressure from the flat foot.

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