About Us

Podiatrist, Eric R. Hubbard, DPM, MS Ed of Memorial Podiatry Group, uses Foot Karma leather orthotics and insoles to help his patients with foot pain.

Patients complained...a podiatrist listened. Dr. Hubbard had patient after patient coming in complaining that their orthotics were too "hard" and so they didn't wear them.  At an APMA (American Podiatric Medical Association) meeting in Washington D.C. where Dr. Hubbard was serving as President, Dr. Hubbard was discussing the fact that so many patients need a supportive but comfortable insole to control abnormal motion when wearing all types of shoes, with a colleague who worked in over the counter  or pre-made orthotics.  The spark that would later become Foot Karma was born.  Dr. Hubbard began importing slim, supportive and absorbent pre-made leather orthotics from Germany to provide the solution the patients were looking for.  One other key factor that made these "pre-made" orthotics a success was that they could be worn in dress shoes by themselves or with the addition of a top cover they could also be used in running shoes simply by removing the insole that came with the shoe.  This top cover design was literally drawn out and cut by Dr. Hubbard's staff for about 25 years until they finally asked the USA manufacturer to dye-cut them for Foot Karma.  

Foot Karma Slim 3/4 length leather orthotics and Cloud 9 Comfort Cushions are proven to provide comfort and relief of foot, ankle and knee pain by the leader in Foot and Ankle care for over 30 years.  Dr. Hubbard's patients love the "cushioned support" they feel when they put the Slim 3/4 length orthotic, the Cloud 9 Comfort Cushion or the Half Moon High Heel Insoles in their shoes. 

Foot Karma products can be used in all of your shoes.  While we realize that some people need custom orthotics, our experience has taught us that lots of people get more relief with a softer, less rigid orthotic.  Used for plantar fasciitis, heel and arch pain, ball of foot pain or bursitis, our specialized knowledge of foot and ankle problems has helped us formulate a proven solution for you.  People love the cushiony feeling, the flexible support and the relief they feel with Foot Karma products.  Try our products today with our risk-free, money back guarantee.  

Millie Hubbard, RN, BSN, Public Health Nurse has worked with her husband Dr. Eric Hubbard for 30 years, in their Podiatric Medical Clinic, Memorial Podiatry Group, Long Beach, California.

In 2016 she invited their manufacturer from Germany to visit the office and while he was there, she discussed the possibility of branding these innovative products and selling them to the public.  Millie realized it was crazy to keep this secret confined to the patients at Memorial Podiatry Group.  She explained to the rep that thousands of people love this pre-made orthotic solution and come back after their treatment is finished to replace their previous pair.  Often buying multiple pair at a time.  The relief of pain is real and the solution simple, Foot Karma was born.  While Dr. Hubbard continues to see patients, Millie's focus has moved to Foot Karma.  Together, their education and experience ensures and patients confirm that the Foot Karma solution works for most people.  

Our Wonderful Team

Dr. Eric Hubbard, Medical Director and Feet Executive Officer (FeetEO)

Eric R. Hubbard, DPM, MS Ed of Memorial Podiatry Group was born in Palm Springs, California and grew up in Downey. After his formal education he returned to Southern California and has practiced in Long Beach for over 40 years. He and his wife Millie Hubbard, RN live in Long Beach and have five children; Corey, Susan, Sean, Heather and Nicole. You can read more about him here.

Millie Hubbard, RN, BSN, President/Co-Founder Foot Karma

Millie Hubbard, RN, BSN is a Public Health Nurse with over 30 years experience in Podiatric Medicine and the Nurse Administrator of Memorial Podiatry Group in Long Beach, California.  Millie recognized that patients were returning long after their treatment was over to purchase a new pair of their leather orthotics and insoles. Foot Karma was created to bring these amazing insoles and orthotics to the public.  

Millie is interviewed in the video below by Dr. Marissa Pei. She explains how you CAN be comfortable in your own beautiful shoes, with the remarkable, tried and tested orthotics that she and her husband and business partner, Dr. Eric Hubbard have been using in practice for decades.

"Take care of your feet now and they will take care of you later"