Sole Mate Combo Pack

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Slim 3/4 leather orthotic with cloud 9 cushion.

The Sole Mate Combo pack provides both the Slim 3/4 leather orthotic with the cloud 9 cushion and supports flexibility in footwear choices. Use them together in athletic shoes or hiking boots as a “team” or divide and conquer by placing Slim ¾ orthotic in your dress shoe or flat. This convenient pack gives you everything you need for long lasting comfort and support

Informational/Instructional video for the Sole Mate Combo Pack

Sizing and Usage

Cloud 9 Cushions are available for both men and women, with the sizing chars and conversion/mapping to EU sizes provided in the chart below.


The orthotics are easy to use, with the instructions as follows:

  1. Remove existing insole from shoes
  2. If glued, carefully pry loose.
  3. If necessary, trim with scissors for comfort.
  4. Insert orthotic

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