Slim 3/4 Length Orthotic

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Slim ¾  leather orthotics are perfect for work shoes, hiking boots, loafers or any slip-on tennis shoes. Simple to slide into your shoes, you will immediately feel comfort and support.

Slim ¾ Length Leather Orthotics – Gives you slim, gentle support of the heel, arch and forefoot. Our orthotics allow you the necessary combination of support and flexibility needed for your range of motion in the lower extremities .  The Foot Karma Slim 3/4 orthotics are specially designed with semi-rigid technology that will support the arches of the feet while a transverse metatarsal support pad supports and off-weights the forefoot.  The balls of the feet are gently lifted to prevent friction while supporting your entire gait cycle.  Our breathable, hand-tanned leather will reduce heat accumulation and foot pain.  We use natural, stain resistant leather that looks great and feels even better.

Slim enough to be worn in your shoe without the heel popping out the back as you will experience with many thicker devices.  Many who wear custom orthotics realize that they need the Slim device for times when they are wearing their dress shoes.  The heel post on most custom orthotics takes up too much space in the shoe and the heel will ride to high in the back if they are inserted into a dress or low-profile casual shoe.  Slim ¾ can be inserted into any shoe; women’s or men’s dress shoes, flat tennis shoes such as Jack Purcell or Converse or any tennis shoe that needs arch support.  “Slim's” are easily moved from shoe to shoe or can be held in place with our heel dots.    Available in Black and Cognac.

Informational/Instructional Video for the Slim 3/4 length Leather Orthotic


Slim ¾ orthotics are just great in loafers or any slip-on shoe. Just slide them into your shoes, and immediately feel the comfort and support.

The orthotic is constructed to lightly support the arch and heel while the metatarsal cushion gently lifts the ball of the foot to decrease pressure.

The luxurious feel of leather reduces friction while providing arch support and control of abnormal motion in the foot that causes pain.

Slim 3/4 is available in both cognac and black leather options, for both men and women’s shoes.

Size Charts and Conversions

In addition, they come in both men’s and women’s sizes, details of which are illustrated below.  Conversion to EU sizes and mappings associated mappings are depicted in the chart.



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Gabriella M.
United States United States

Great Experience!

I could not be more satisfied with these insoles. I was desperate a year ago because my feet hurt so bad. I am a medical assistant and I am on my feet all day long. My podiatrist in Newport Beach, CA gave me my first pair of Karma insoles. The pain went away in a month. I use the insoles every day, not only at work. Since these are the best insoles I’ve ever tried in this country, I decided to buy another pair. I contacted Millie at Foot Karma who went over and beyond to find the same size for me, because I did a couple of hit and misses. The “miss” landed with my daughter-in-law in NYC. She already bought another pair! It turns out, Foot Karma does business with my podiatrist who has a big drawer full of Foot Karma orthotics. It doesn’t surprise me. They work! When I see a patient with foot pain, I don’t miss telling them about Foot Karma orthotics. Thank you Foot Karma, thank you Millie!

Jason F.
United States United States

Life Changing

Have been using Foot Karma for a few years and the feet have never felt so good. They have certainly improved my quality of life. Highly recommend,