Cloud 9 Comfort Cushions

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Our unique design, sheets of Plastazoat and UcoLite bonded together provides cushioned support and is universally loved by all who use them. You will immediately sigh with comfort and relief when you set foot on our supportive cushions.  Simply remove any sock-liner that comes with your shoe and insert Cloud 9 “pink-side-up”.  You will immediately notice that the boney parts of your feet are cradled in comfort and gentle support.  Cloud 9's keeps you on your feet longer.  

Cloud 9 Comfort Cushions can be worn by themselves or on top of your Foot Karma Slim ¾ Leather orthotics.  In your athletic shoes, Golf Shoes, Hiking Boots or Military Gear, simply remove the insert that comes with the shoe, apply the Slim ¾ first and top with the Cloud 9 “pink-side-up” and you will enjoy the support of the orthotic with a supportive Cloud 9 cushion underfoot.  The beauty is that once the Cloud 9 wears out (with daily wear about 6-9 months) you can buy a new Cloud 9 and your set will be like new.

Instructional Video for Cloud Nine Cushions

Cloud 9 Cushions are available for both men and women, with the sizing charts and conversion/mapping to EU sizes provided in the chart below.


Directions (see video above)
The orthotics are easy to use, with the instructions as follows:

  1. Remove existing insole from shoes
  2. If glued, carefully pry loose.
  3. If necessary, trim with scissors for comfort.
  4. Insert orthotic