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  Californian's Live Longer. Federal data suggests that during the 21st Century, California life expectancy rose to the very top of the 50 states.  Only Hawaiian Kupuna's live longer; the average life expectancy in the Island Nation is 80.7 years.  Californians Live to an average of 79 in Los Angeles and the Bay Area, while Northern California, Marin County, residents enjoy the states longest life expectancy of 83 years.   You don't have to spend your whole life in California to gain this benefit.  Joe Mathews of the San Francisco Chronicle writes that the fact that the State is wealthier and more...

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Step Confidently into a World Where Style and Support Coexist Seamlessly:  Slim orthotics are not just inserts; they are the key to unlocking maximum foot comfort without compromising your fashion-forward choices.  Dive into the revolution of slim foot support and stride with confidence, one stylish step at a time.  

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The simple solution for arch support in ballet flats.  

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