It's not too late to make a New Year Resolution!

It's not too late to make a New Year Resolution!

About forty percent of us make New Year's Resolutions, the most common, according to YouGov in 2018, eat healthier, get more exercise and save money.  Of the forty percent that make resolutions, about half stick with them. 

The key is to be realistic. Resolutions are goals that we set for ourselves.  As long as they are based somewhat in reality, resolutions actually do help us to move our lives forward and closer to our dreams.  Challenge yourself to do better, just a little better this year.  

If you have set backs, giving up completely is not necessary, didn't you make this resolution the first place because it is something that you struggle with?  If it was easy you wouldn't need your New Year Resolutions to accomplish it.  Right?

It is January 19, 2019 and if you've already made a resolution or two, AWESOME.  But if you haven't, it is not to late.  This is your opportunity to make a promise to yourself, take it seriously and really try.  

This year I decided making time to exercise regularly is my number one resolution.  I like to exercise but let other things in my life get in the way.  As a result I feel resentful that I don't exercise and deprive myself of a stress relieving outlet.  So, by putting my exercise and myself first, I am a better version of myself, more patient and the rest of my day runs smoother.  I started going to Pilates and I love it.  

Some helpful tips I found from Dr. John Northcross of NPR are to tell other people about your plans, this helps in weak moments.  That is what I am doing now!  But, he warns not to let the telling everyone make you feel like you have already accomplished your goal - no "I Win", you still have to actually do it.

Also remember that It's ok to amend the goals as you go, once you have more information.   For instance, I realized that if I do Pilates everyday (trying to make the most of my unlimited trial month) my muscles are too weak and I don't enjoy it by Friday.  So I will mix it up and do something else on Friday.  I will change it up but not give in completely. 

I will try to remember...

This was my idea. 

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