How to be Comfortable in High Heels

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How to be Comfortable in High Heels

"Comfy in High Heels 101"

If you look online you will find many ways to treat sore feet after wearing high heels but few that tell you how to be Comfy in high heels and prevent pain.  

High heels cause the pressure of your body weight to be unevenly distributed across your feet, often leading to pain in the balls of the feet.  Medically speaking these are the metatarsal heads but either way, wearing high heels hurts your feet after a while.  Why?

1.  Most people wear their high heels too small.  Wearing the right size shoe is always a good idea and will allow the tendons and muscle to function properly and not be squeezed and cramped.  

2.  High heels often have a slick bottom and when you are walking with your heel elevated you are also trying to prevent side-to-side motion and this causes friction on the skin and soft tissue in the ball of the foot, leading to inflammation.

3.  As we gain weight, get older or both...we lose the fatty cushion under the ball of the foot which is natures cushion.  The loss of this pad, also known as Fat Pad Atrophy makes the bones on the bottom of the foot press into the shoe causing inflammation and pain.  

The Foot Karma solution:

1.  Buy the cutest shoes you are willing to wear with the lowest heel possible.  5-7 inch heels will hurt, no matter what.  If you can look good and feel sexy in 2-3 inch heels then you will be comfortable longer.  

2.  Wear the right size shoe.  Ask your shoe salesperson to measure your feet.  The correct shoe will allow you to move your toes around, the foot will be relaxed and not squeezed on the sides and the heel will be completely seated on the back without hanging over. 

3.  Our Half Moon High Heel Leather Insoles stick to the bottom of your high heel shoes.  The crescent moon-shaped pad will gently lift the ball fo the foot off the ground slightly to reduce the pressure on the metatarsals or ball of foot.  The leather provides traction and reduced friction while absorbing odor and sweat.  

4.  We can not do much about getting older but we can try to maintain a healthy weight with diet and exercise to reduce the pressure on our feet.  In the meantime, buy the correct size shoes, use Half Moon High Heel insoles and change shoes if your feet need a break.  

Check back for more information on Foot Health and Comfort.  

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