Foot Karma Orthotics and Insoles - Podiatry Recommended for 25 years

Foot Karma Orthotics and Insoles - Podiatry Recommended for 25 years

At Memorial Podiatry Group, Dr. Eric R. Hubbard has been keeping people on their feet for nearly 50 years, providing excellent foot and ankle care, including surgical and non-surgical treatment of foot problems like bunions, hammertoes, heel pain, and skin and nail problems just to name a few.

About 30 years ago, through an associate of the American Podiatric Medical Association, Dr. Hubbard began importing leather orthotics from Germany. These were not just any pre-made orthotics, they were made of fine leather imported from Uruguay and tanned using vegetable dye to reduce the chemicals the patient is exposed to. These supportive but slim pre-made orthotics are available in his Long Beach office and immediately the patients have a high quality product they could leave the office with especially when they came in with heel pain, plantar fasciitis or other painful foot problems. Dr. Hubbard combines these Slim 3/4 length orthotics with a top cover that he hand-crafted, made of Plastazoat and Poron sheets bonded together and cut in a special shape to allow the orthotic to provide support in the arch and forefoot while the pad, now known as the Cloud 9 Comfort Cushion provides immediate comfort and padding to the sore feet.

These orthotics are not always the entire treatment, but after injections, treatments, surgery and other recommended care provided by Dr. Hubbard and the Staff at Memorial Podiatry Group, patients leave feeling better then they did when they got there.  Many patients are scheduled for custom orthotics if the “Premades” help them. The “Premades” can function as a test to see if orthotics will help before the patients have to invest in custom orthotics. If patient’s get custom orthotics they can still use their Slim 3/4 and Cloud 9 in another pair of athletic shoes or just use the Slim 3/4 in their dress shoes or party shoes.  Some tennis shoes like Converse, Van's and Keds may not accommodate a full custom orthotic with a heel post. Our patients love these orthotics so we decided to make them available to the public and so Foot Karma, Inc. was born.

Please stay tuned for more of our story.

If you have foot pain please see your Podiatrist.

Memorial Podiatry Group has a full staff of qualified doctors, nurses and medical assistants, please feel free to contact Memorial Podiatry Group located in Long Beach, California at 2333 Pacific Avenue, Long Beach, CA, 90806, visit us at or call (562) 426-5151.


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