Leather Orthotics and Insoles

Our specialized knowledge of foot and ankle problems has helped us formulate the most cost effective solution available. Our patients love the immediate relief they feel with Foot Karma products.

Bride and Groom shoes and daisy dress

Ideal for Weddings

With Foot Karma, you can ensure that you and your bridal party enjoy the festivities with comfort.  

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Like Walking on Clouds! I never previously understood that many of these issues could be solved via orthotics or shoe inserts.

I LOVE these! I put them into a sneaker with a hidden heel. It looks like a black converse type shoe – I could barely walk in them, but they were so cute. I could not believe how comfortable they were with the half moon orthotics inserted.

The lining of my Merrell’s was super thin so I replaced them with a pair of Cloud 9s. What a difference! I used the insert that came with my shoes as a template to trim and customize the Cloud 9s. Perfect fit and comfort too! Thanks Foot Karma!


Fantastic for hiking, running and related activities.

Foot Karma featured on Get Balanced

Do your feet hurt? Are you wondering why you hobble first thing out of bed in the morning? Millie Hubbard, RN comes and educates Dr. Marissa on common foot problems that keep us from being comfortable in our own shoes. Millie gives practical advice on how to avoid foot pain as well as shows us new products that allow women to stay in their fashionable high heels and men in their shoes, but not suffer from the pain foot pain, blisters, and corns that normally occur. Dr. Marissa is introduced to a whole new world of soles and souls, a part of our body we rarely attend to, but is critically important to our ability to explore in this thing called life.

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